Image Comparison Advanced documentation

configuration settings
  • Visibility Ratio. Ratio from 0 to 1. Default 0,5.
  • Orientation. Horizontal or vertical
  • Move Handle. On swipe: Allow a user to swipe anywhere on the image to control handle movement. On click: Allow a user to click (or tap) anywhere on the image to move the handle to that location. On hover: Move handle on mouse hover.
configuration labels
  • Before Label. Add a custom text, default ‘Before’.
  • After Label. Add a custom text, default ‘After’.
  • Position. Top, middle or bottom. Default middle.
  • Text Color.
  • Background Color.
  • Border. Border thickness ratio from 0 to 10. Default 5.
  • Typography. Font size or custom pixels.
configuration overlay
  • Show overlay. True or false.
  • Overlay Color. Color and transparency.
  • Overlay Hover Color. Color and transparency.
configuration advanced
  • Additional CSS class(es). Separate multiple classes with spaces.